Reflex Nutrition Protein Coffee

Reflex Nutrition Protein Coffee Latte

Reflex Nutrition Protein Coffee

Serving Size: 250ml
Servings Per Container: 1
Drink Chilled

Amounts Per Serving
Calories 146 kcal / 611kj
Protein 25 g
   Calories from Protein 100kcal
Fat 0.5 g
   Calories from Fats 5kcal
   of which Saturates 0.2 g
Carbohydrates 10 g
   Calories from Carbs 40 kcal
   of which Sugars 10 g
Salt 0.25 g
   Equivalent of Sodium 100 mg
Caffeine (Natural) 75 mg

Additional Notes
Reflex have really outdone themselves with this delicious creamy, caffeine loaded, high protein, low fat, low sugar hit of coffee goodness.

I have been a long standing fan of Bulk Powders Protein Coffee, its one of the few heat stable proteins which doesn’t require a microwave or any hassle. You just need a pouch, a kettle and a cup and your good, but you can’t really carry that with you as a snack. I will review that at a later date as it does a place for a snack as the desk.

Enter theĀ RTD (Ready to Drink) Protein Coffee Latte from Reflex Nutrition, which is absolutely perfect for this site.

When I came across this product initially, it were on a PT friend of mine, Amber’s Facebook page whom is a huge reflex fan. I’ve never really liked any of the chilled tea or coffee products I’ve ever tried, so I didn’t really like the idea of a cold, iced or chilled coffee flavoured protein shake either so I just passed over it.

A week or so later at the UK Body Power Expo (2016) in Birmingham at the NEC, I came across Reflex Nutrition who were launching the product. The whole stand were quite large with a seating area, serving JUST chilled coffee in little latte cups some with a sippy lid to walk around the expo with. There were no other reflex products, no R-Bar, no whey, nothing but Coffee Latte.

The product were unfinished, Karl from Reflex told me the paper effect labels on the cans were just temporary until the final cans were printed. I quite liked the paper label, it had an almost rustic feel like when buying artesian beans in a triple layered paper bag. However I guess the paper would peel off with moisture when chilled so a printed on can label is the only real option.

Reflex Protein Coffee PR

Reflex Protein Coffee PR

I didn’t get to try the product amongst the dazzling array of wheys, bcaa, pre-work out, juices, smoothies, and more on offer to sample.

Once I did sample it by the Saturday, I have to say I were both shocked that I enjoyed a chilled/cold coffee drink and impressed with the flavour. The coffee its self were smooth, aromatic and nicely roasted. Some protein coffee’s I have tried the coffee has been burnt or bitter, but not here, a smooth full bodied coffee.

The rest of the drink is more creamy than almost all the others I’ve tried, almost like a protein shake made with full milk, this creamy taste means you don’t need much sweetness adding to make it taste good. So there is only a slight sweetness, which appears to be actual sugar as I couldn’t detect an artificial after taste which many sweeteners have.

I have tried this at room temperature, chilled in the fridge, over ice and with 30 minutes blast chill in a freezer, and it tastes slightly different each way.

  • Room Temperature: It tastes more creamy, slightly sweeter and the coffee is less pronounced.
  • Chilled from Fridge: The creaminess is still there, but the coffee comes through more, this is probably the best for most folk.
  • Slightly Iced from Freezer: A smooth mellow coffee hits you, followed by an after taste of cream and tang of coffee.
  • Over Ice: This is the most interesting, the ice cold slightly watered down first taste is very weak, milky taste, followed by a noticeably warmer, thicker more intense coffee taste, and a creamy mouth feel. Its almost like 2 different drinks.

Its well worth experimenting with different methods, I haven’t tried it hot, or warmed up. When I spoke to the Reflex People they didn’t recommend heating it, as they suggested it would denature the protein reducing its quality some what.


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