Thai Chicken MyProtein Meal

Thai Chicken Protein Meal

Serving Size: 300g
Servings Per Container: 1
Split Top of Packet, Microwave 90 seconds, Stir, Microwave 60 seconds, and Eat.

Amounts Per Serving
Calories 285 kcal / 1192kj
Protein 33 g
   Calories from Protein 132kcal
Fat 9 g
   Calories from Fats 81kcal
   of which Saturates 6 g
Carbohydrates 15.9 g
   Calories from Carbs 64 kcal
   of which Sugars 1.8 g
   of which Fibre 4.2 g
Salt 1.2 g
   Equivalent of Sodium 480 mg

Additional Notes
These may have just hit the bullseye between high protein meals and awesome protein snacks. The Thai Chicken flavour at least, its aromatic, fragrant, citrousy and loaded with chicken breast. The only complaint is, its a little watery compared to english thai curry, but not as watery as the more traditional thai curry, which in my experience isn’t that thick.

Even though these are hermetically sealed “meals”, they are more small meals or decent protein sized snacks hence being on this site. I feel its important when approaching these snack-cum-meals, that we compare them like-for-like. There is no point comparing them to the Thai Khun in Manchester or a Supermarket Special with double the calories and 100g heavier. It were decided in development, that should a suitable comparison not be available they would be ratio’d down. So if a 400g healthy meal is used, we would divide the 400g meals macros via 400 and multiply via the weight of the snack/meal to produce like for like comparisons.

Thai Curry Taste

The taste of this isn’t as creamy as some, I suspect this is due to using coconut powder and coconut extract rather than coconut milk, and using no cream (hence low fat). The ingredients reveal lemon grass twice, lime juice concentrate and lime leaf, the citrous definitely comes through. This is quite nice as it cuts through the other flavours with a nice sharp burst.

The aromatics are amazing, while cooking it fills your kitchen with coconut, lime, lemongrass and thai spices. It really builds up the taste to come and makes for a lovely snack.

I have certainly tried thai curry with 200-300 calories more, which didn’t taste better than this.

This is 300g, and under 300kcal, so its not strictly in my opinion a protein meal. It could be pushed as a meal if your on a cut or weight loss jaunt, but I think 300kcal and 33g of protein puts it firmly as a “snack meal” or a fantastic protein boost.

After I ate my first one… out of the bag like a complete savage with a plastic spork, after few hours in the gym I’d have eaten road kill. So after 2 minutes 30 seconds in my microwave with just half inch splits in the sides (more on that later) I wolfed it down. I would say I felt full for 4 hours maybe a little more.

Cooking Time

Cooking them is easy as can be. You rip on the notches at either side near the top about an inch or so to allow moisture to escape, put it on for 90 seconds. Rip the top off fully off, stir it, then another 60 seconds and chow down.


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