MHP Power Pak Pudding

MHP Power Pak Pudding Tins

Power Pak Pudding

Serving Size: 250g
Servings Per Container: 1

Amounts Per Serving
Calories 190 kcal / 795kj
Protein 30 g
   Calories from Protein 120kcal
Fat 4.5 g
   Calories from Fats 41kcal
   of which Saturates 0.5 g
Carbohydrates 8 g
   Calories from Carbs 32 kcal
   of which Sugars 0 g
   of which Fibre 1 g
Sodium 460 mg
   Equivilent of Salt 1.2 g

Additional Notes
Vanilla Creme flavour sampled.
One of the nicest guys in the game Fabian Orozco of Fabian Nutrition, gave me a few of the Power Pak Pudding desserts at an Expo where he were representing MHP (Maximum Human Performance).  When dealing with protein desserts, its important to note that this is a “healthy protein” dessert not a Vanilla Crème Brûlée , that said given its macro profile this is really quite good.

The Power-Pak Pudding flavour I sampled were Vanilla Creme. First up, there are various types of vanilla, French Vanilla, Sweet Vanilla, Bourbon Vanilla, but this pudding is more of a savoury vanilla flavour. Think about custard cream biscuits, that sort of savoury vanilla flavour rather than the sweet vanilla of say a milkshake. One slight downside, for me it does have an after taste, the type of after taste which sticks in the back of your throat rather than the type which repeats on you. It doesn’t last for long.

Power Pak uses a custom blend of high quality milk based protein isolates and soy protein isolates to provide a rapid and standard release protein for maximum protein absorption, muscle building and satiety. The idea of mixing protein types is rapidly gaining scientific support for being better than a solo protein source. You can read more about the University of Texas Medical Branch research here, but they have singled out Soy-Dairy blend like the Power Pak and confirmed its better than a solo source. Its also worth noting that current research shows Soy is safe to use, and doesn’t cause oestrogen issues and is one of the better medium release proteins along with egg.

Sugar Alcohol, Lactose and Gluten Free

One of the more interesting things which MHP make a special note of, is that due to careful processing of the protein sources it is totally lactose free and gluten free, which is a big bonus for those with issues with either. They have also avoided sugar alcohols which are known to cause gastric distress, so power paks are easy on your digestive system too. This makes it one of the most stomach friendly protein snacks out there.

Now the actual protein pudding is a firm mixture, almost like a thick custard bordering on a blancmange consistency maybe, most of these type of protein desserts are a mousse or custard types so being more like a blancmange is a nice change. I will try to demonstrate the consistency in photo to help with this part.

Quality Packaging
I wanted to talk a little about the packaging. The tins are a little bigger than those which tuna chunks come in, the same thick sturdy metal as well, not the thin metal of a fizzy drinks can. Being they are effectively a tin can, you would expect a paper wrap, but instead it has a glossy printed finish which is really nice.

Another really nice touch I thought is a yellow plastic cap type lid so you can reseal the pudding if you don’t eat it all in one go. Everything about the packaging is quality, with no corners cut.

Its just a really nice packaging, just says quality. I hope this comes across in the pictures.

The Competition

There are various protein puddings on the market, some of which are ready to eat like the power pak others are a powder which needs reconstituting, Here’s a quick run down of how the others stack up.

MHP Power Pak MyProtein Dessert Bulk Powders Dessert *
Protein Base Whey Iso, Soy Milk, Cream Whey, Milk, Egg
Calories (kcal) 200 212 147
Protein 30 g 30 g 30 g
Fat 5 g 5.8 g 1.54 g
    Saturated Fat 1.5 g 3.8 g 0.59 g
Carb 7 g 9.6g 3.4 g
    Sugar 0 g 2.4 g 1.68 g
Fibre 0 g 0.8 g 0.38 g
Salt/Sodium 480 mg 880 mg 2,000 mg
* Bulk Powers is a 40g powder, and stats are based on using water to mix.


About Fabian

Fabian Orozco Tranformation

Fabian Orozco Tranformation

Fabian has an interesting history, and well worth reading into it. He transformed from a chunky 16st 5lb and 17% body fat down to a hunky 14st 2lb and 5% body fat in 6 months using MHP products.

I spoke to him and he genuinely backs them 100%, its not like Britney being a Pepsi Girl then being caught ordering Coca Cola, he’s firmly a user. So much so he is an official MHP Rep and building a business around the products, which is how I met him.

I weren’t aware of this transformation at the time I met him, and I only came across Fabian via Brian Shaw (Worlds Strongest Man) whom I were taking photo’s of at the time.

More information about Fabians Transformation.

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